Building Relationships: Sometimes Easy - Sometimes Challenging

Building Relationships: Sometimes Easy--Sometimes Challenging

As a chiropractor who offers the membership-model for maintenance and wellness, I know a lot of folks who are "in it for the long haul."
 There is nothing in practice that is more rewarding.  It is the only reason to be in practice: to cultivate long term relationships which is an absolutely necessary part of healing.  

Chiropractic is a relationship.  Your brain and spinal cord are in a life sustaining relationship with your organs.  
My ability to communicate this and maintain a supportive relationship with my members provides the ongoing source of fuel to enhance the healing power.

Not everyone takes the journey.  While I have been privileged to be a part of people's last years and even their last days (like, Lefty, who passed in 2013), I wonder about the people who decide to go in a different direction.  It weighs on my mind. What kind of relationship could I have formed with them?  I have only one or two visits to make that impression on people and convey the gift of chiropractic.  Some people are very distracted and the information doesn't sink in.  I know it takes time for people turn around and try something new.  I know it takes multiple warning signs of poor health before someone decides to take action.  

I wish I was a psychological magician..... 

At times names of folks in the obits section and I remember when they came in the office, but they were not fired up about the chiropractic story. I replay the visit in my mind and try to come up with better ways to reach people. I'm still working at it. 

I am grateful for folks, like Lefty.  I wrote about him in 2014 on my Facebook wall: 
April 20, 2014:
Thinking about Lefty who died in his sleep Easter Monday last year at age 96. He started getting weekly adjustments the year I was born and I got to be his last chiropractor. He came for his Wednesday adjustment the week prior and was late for the first time. His daughter said he couldn't get up that morning and was still sleeping when she came to drive him over. His health was failing since Christmas and he was getting transfusions. Finally he said he was fed up with the transfusions, but gosh, he made it for his last adjustment at 3 p.m. five days before he passed. RIP, Lefty.

To all my members who are committed to the profound work of the nervous system, Thank You.
Let's keep building a better world.