What Happens When a Chiropractor Reads AARP Magazine?

What Happens When a Chiropractor Reads AARP Magazine ?

(Chiropractic News, Auburn, NY)

I like reading AARP Magazine.  I've been reading them off and on for almost twenty years.  Now I get them regularly in my mailbox (as a secondary member on someone else's AARP membership......)

Here's what happens when a chiropractor reads the Febrary/March 2016 issue.

I first opened up to Jo Ann Jenkins' article about challenging the ingrained views of aging in society.  She turned 50 and was really happy about it.  When her friends gave her those nerdy "over the hill" greeting cards with the old age jokes, it stuck a chord with her.

In her early 50's she changed jobs and now is the CEO of AARP.  She authored the book Disrupt Aging and gave the reader a little taste of it in this article. 
She said aging is just living.  It means living differently but it's about being alive,  She believes it is fairly odd to say 50 is the new 30.  Who wants to be 30 again?  Older people are awesome contributors to society.  New demands of aging are also kickstarting a new rash of innovations.  Life expectancy keeps increasing on average and the marketplace is growing with exciting products and technology that older people can enjoy.

This was a super inspiring article and I may read her book when I finish my pile of books already gathering dust by my bed.  This is the outlook we all need to have.  Let's just take on the next adventure.  In my chiropractic brain, this is what living is all about and rather than focus on illness, we need wellness to stay on the front burner of our minds.  When we are constantly tweaking the spine and nervous system with regular spine checks and chiropractic adjustments, we are better equipped to age and take part in the next adventure life offers us. 

Next, I perused through the front of the magazine and came across the readers' letters.  People were commenting on previous articles highlighting famous actors.  We all love to read about actors, performers, musicians. 

Then, I flip over to a drug ad.   Through a chiropractic lens, I'm not a fan of drugs.  After all, chiropractic is a drugless healing art.  But, business is business.  If a drug company wants to buy ad space, it doesn't bother me.  It doesn't influence me.  It does influence a high percentage of the population that have the drug mind-set.  That's why chiropractic exists.  People are still not exposed to the truths about vibrant living at the level of the brain and spine.  They don't know what enhances life and do more to damage their lives.  Just out of a lack of information.  It's my job to be more influential.

There's a short quip written by Jeremy Irons, another actor who is enjoying is aging. 

On the next page there's a short article about 5 surprising reasons a person might have back pain.  Okay, here's the chiropractic part....not really.  It touches on stress, posture, and lack of exercise.  Short and sweet. 

On the next page it tells you how to survive your first heart attack.  Wow!  Here's the whopper.  All this stuff about being bold and courageous in your years above age 50, but, there's a worry about your heart giving out,  Every 34 seconds someone has a heart attack.  Yikes.  I hate all this counting.  The best part of the article explains how heart attack symptoms are not so obvious in older people.  They don't get the classical chest pain or nausea, but rather confusion because there is less blood flow making it to the brain. 

For me personally, I don't like the push for people to take aspirin daily. The original study that started the craze   was flawed and people still don't know about the flaw.  They used aspirin buffered with Magnesium.  The magnesium is what protects the heart.  This is very misleading.

I recommend to anyone interested in heart health to read Dr. Sherry A. Rogers' books.  If you want to keep an emergency heart attack kit in your home, she recomends Magnesium and D-Ribose to protect yourself if you feel you are having a heart attack.  She explains this on pages 217-219. A number of studies came out that reported in the last 12 years showing daily aspirin does not change heart attack outcomes and may cause dangerous side effects. 

Last but not least, I then read an article about various people over fifty changing jobs.  It's good to news to hear for people who need a better financial situation or need a change of scenery which are both healthier in the long run.  They gave good advice about networking and not giving up.

In conclusion, if you want to read AARP for years to come, make sure you have a chiropractor you see regularly. 

And write in to AARP and tell them you want to see a special feature on Mark Sisson.  He has mastered the primal diet for a modern world which is another fabulous way to redefine aging.

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