Chiropractic: The Gift of Giving Up Negativity

Chiropractic is the Gift of Giving Up Negativity

When people express an interest in chiropractic, I ask them if they plan to focus on the problem or the gift. When they raise an eyebrow, I offer a reason to shift gears in their thinking.
The only way to have a change in health is to shift gears by incorporating some type of behavior change. Health education during appointments is needed for successful change.
We tend to go to a health care professional with a problem when it doesn’t seem to go away on its own. I guess it is human nature, but while we wait for a problem to go away, we help new problems fester.
I understand problems must be dealt with appropriately, but we can also recognize we have a gift. We are the gift. The very same human body that has you feeling down and anxious because of some kind of disruptive symptom or disease pattern is actually responding correctly to a stress.
The body has many built-in mechanisms that protect and heal you from mishaps and unpleasant exposures. While the problem is annoying or even life-threatening, the body is working hard at keeping you alive.
In the chiropractic world, the gift is the body’s communication system made up of the brain, spinal cord and nerves that deliver the lifesaving messages of healing through the tunnel of bones we call the spine.
Maybe I have a word obsession, but if you focus on problems, you will never attain health. I don’t even like the term health screenings, because it is focusing on a problem you might have or might never have.
No one likes going in for mammograms or colonoscopies. The anxiety they produce ramps up cortisol levels and probably kills off a few DNA strands just waiting for the test results.
But don’t yell at me assuming I think health screenings are not necessary. However, I do want more people to shift gears. I want you to enhance your gift of healing, and chiropractic gives you a very unique way to do it.
The gift of our healing system still needs help. Just like everything else, your spine and nervous system need to be finely tuned and polished.
Routine chiropractic adjustments are the fine tunings. When spinal fixations are released, neurological patterns can be restored to a state of more efficient healing. Health education is offered by your chiropractor to explain what makes the body less efficient, and how the adjustment perks it up.
Chiropractors also use health education to help you add the polish. You can learn how to lower stress levels so the spine and nervous system stay strong. You can learn how to recognize the subtle signs of spine and nerve dysfunction.
Let’s focus on the gift as a way to resolve our problems. Take the time to understand how chiropractic enhances the healing process. This is a great way to shift gears and make powerful changes in your health.
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