Will You Fight For Yourself?

Will You Fight for Yourself? Will You Educate Yourself?

Each of us has one or more causes that we believe in and support. We make donations to charities, we write letters to newspapers or legislators and we march to raise awareness. Many career choices are impacted by the desire to help others.
Early on I discovered psychology. I was interested in self growth and human achievement. I graduated with a teaching degree then delved into counseling because of the natural progression of early development to mental health. So why then did I detour into chiropractic? They may seem unrelated but each discipline is inspired by the fathomless workings of the amazing brain.
I am devoted to the cause of wellness, since the body is a genuine resource that houses the generation of ideas, inventions, and compassion. I chose to study the crucial yet mysterious brain.
It is so mysterious that we hardly emphasize brain health as an essential part of disease prevention. While neurology is uncovering new information about the wonders of the brain, we can also look at chiropractic as neurology's long lost twin brother.
In the last few decades a better understanding of the brain reward cascade has shown that neuro-chemical communication within the body occurs at the limbic system within the brain but also extends into the spine.
Limbic system cells are located at every level of the spinal cord where signals are then sent to the body's T cells which are the front lines of the immune system. Brain researchers have also determined that the greatest amount of brain and limbic system interference can occur at the spinal cord.
In the overall picture of disease formation the immune system fails in some way as it loses proper communication with the spinal cord. All diseases have a neurological fault that eventually develops into an autoimmune disorder such as diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimers.
This also includes diseases caused by viruses and bacteria when the immune system no longer responds appropriately. Cancer is now considered to be an extreme form of an autoimmune disorder.
Most of the public thinks a spinal problem is merely a mechanical dislocation that can be popped into place. Science has discovered that cell damage resulting in poor cellular communication is really what happens at spinal joints.
Chiropractic studies show that spinal adjustments improve communication that has gone wrong. Chiropractic studies demonstrate significant DNA repair activity when participants receive ongoing chiropractic care. EEG studies of the brain measure healthier brain wave patterns immediately after a chiropractic adjustment.
This information is too important to leave on the library shelf. Every person needs to know how their body works. If you know how it works, you then know how to protect it.
People struggling with poor health lose their confidence and independence. Statistics are scary but they are not set in stone. It is my mission to show people that they can change their health. Can I help you see that you are a cause worth fighting for?
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